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Recognizing the numerous active killer threats that places of worship face in New York State and beyond, Defensor, Inc. developed its revolutionary Safest Worship program in early 2017. This specialized training curriculum, created specifically for worship centers, intensively trains worship communities on six active killer preparedness measures to keep their facilities safe and secure.

See the feature story on our Safest Worship program done by The
Buffalo News. 

As the volume and lethality of active killer events increase, Defensor, Inc. – New York State’s premier firearms and defensive strategies training enterprise – is advising places of worship to aggressively adopt these six preparedness measures:

  • Understand how and why active killers choose their targets.

  • Learn and apply the foundations of situational awareness.

  • Understand and implement the active killer behavioral assessment and analysis.

  • Learn and benefit from the difference between cover and concealment from gunfire.

  • Train all organizational staff in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

  • Develop and implement realistic scenario-based events to train the fundamentals of active killer response.

Through lessons paid for in blood by U.S. service members and law enforcement, these six preparedness measures have been proven to reduce active killer casualty rates and save lives. As we continue to see active killer events take the lives of innocent worshipers across the country, the leaders of our places of worship must take immediate action to prepare for the next event. Let Defensor, Inc. assist in preparing you for active killer events.

Image by Thomas Def

Defensor, Inc.'s Safest Worship program was developed by a retired elite U.S. Army operator and homeland security officer, and two highly experienced law enforcement veterans. Together, they possess over 50 years of expertise in military and police strategy, operations, tactics, and firearms instruction.

The Safest Worship program features instruction by 25 year Buffalo Police Veteran Steve Padin. After more than two decades working “the streets,” Padin's last assignment was in the firearms division where he not only trained Buffalo’s officers in the use of firearms and combat tactics, but also assisted with the training of officers throughout New York State's Erie County at the police academy. Upon retiring, Padin became the lead firearms instructor for the Buffalo Police law enforcement training academy, where he oversees firearms training for police recruits at departments across the county. Padin now runs The Watchman's Academy - a church security training and consulting service.

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