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Shooting Practice

Defensor Inc. offers Industry leading Active Killer training that provides you with the tools you need to recognize and survive an Active Killer event. Our Team is made up of over 30+ years of Combat Veteran, Law Enforcement, and Homeland Security experience providing you with the most advanced training available.


Defensor Inc. is recognized worldwide for their expertise in Counter-terrorism and Active Killer recognition and response. Defensor Inc. has been on numerous News outlets, Podcast, Radio talk shows, Radio Broadcast, Japanese and UK television, and Public speaking venues discussing events leading up to, responses, and possible ways situations could have been avoided.


Important to note:

Defensor Inc’s unique approach delves into the mind of the killer understanding why a person or place may be targeted and covers ways to counter that. Active Killer training typically only covers responses to an attack but what separates Defensor from them is that they provide you with the skills to see the signs before an attack through; Increased Situational Awareness, understanding the Environmental Baseline and what that means to you, Behavioral Analysis and Assessment that includes deviations in behavior and your response to those. Should an encounter with a person in heightened emotions take place Defensor Inc. discusses 10 ways to De-escalate that situation and bring it back under control thereby avoiding a potential deadly outcome. Defensor Inc. covers signs of an Active Killer and response to those signs capitalizing on John Boyd’s concept of Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Act (O.O.D.A Loop) that Fighter Pilots, Law Enforcement, and Military use in their decision making process against enemy forces. In the event that you are left with no other choice but to hold your ground and prepare for an encounter, Defensor Inc. discusses ways to utilize the options you have before you with possible escape routes, understanding the difference between cover and concealment, getting help on the way, noise and light discipline, barricades, and how to defend yourself and those under your protection.

While no training can promise 100% survival rate against and Active Killer, Defensor Inc. provides you with the tools and skills to be more globally aware of your surrounding that just may give you enough time to get yourself and those around you out of a potentially deadly encounter, prevent a situation from escalating, and give you options during an encounter you never thought you had. At the end of the day “YOU” are your own first responder until help arrives.

Throughout 2018, the United States has seen a significant increase in the volume of active killer events. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 340 Mass Shooting incidents occurred in 2018. Notable examples include the February 14, 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Tree of Life Ceremony in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018, The Capital Newspaper in Maryland on June 28, 2018, the May 18, 2018 Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas and the tournament in Jacksonville, Florida August 26, 2018. Taken together, these events have helped make 2018 one of the most notable on record for active killer incidents in America. The purpose of this comprehensive program is to cover all aspects of an active killer incident preparing your employees, executive management, dramatically improve victim survivability, and provide an active killer recovery plan. Our 4 part training program prepares organizations to the highest degree possible to, in the best case, completely avoid and, in the worst case, survive an active killer incident.

Defensor, Inc. - Western New York’s premier defensive strategies training enterprise - offers the Active Killer Preparedness program detailed in this document to organizations of all types across the Unites States and the globe. This industry-leading program is designed to prepare organizations, security teams, employees, and management for the unfortunate but real possibility of an active killer incident.






Active killer preparedness for employees involves several levels of active killer defense preparation, including; understanding why a killer would choose you and/or your organization as a target, recognizing signs of surveillance, active killer behavioral indicators, how to de-escalate an emotionally elevated and aggressive person, combat proven decision making factors for tactical dominance, understanding the difference between cover and concealment, and Active Killer response.



Active killer preparedness for executive management covers active killer incident characteristics, the cost of workplace violence, understanding the two reasons why an active killer chooses you as their target, what it means to “Harden the Target”, considerations for developing a Comprehensive Active Killer Incident Management (CAKIM) plan, safeguarding information, workplace layout considerations, improving situational awareness, indicators of surveillance, active killer behavioral indicators, workplace “See Something, Say Something” campaign, self aid training benefits, and good practices and habits.



What does this mean to you? You have to start accepting the reality that, “You are the first responder”. Organizations can benefit from the ability to positively impact employee(s) and/or customer(s) chance of survival in a life or death situation. It has been said that “When seconds count, police are minutes away”. The National Average for police response to a critical incident is 5 minutes. In those critical minutes, your chance of survival dramatically decreases. Once Law Enforcement arrives they must first ensure the scene is safe for rescue teams to be able to start life saving measures and that will depend on a multiple of situations; more than one shooter, size of the facility, knowledge of the facility and where the victims may be, etc.

Students will learn how to TRIAGE, taking into consideration who is savable and who is not, the application of a PRESSURE BANDAGE, the four crucial areas of TOURNIQUET PLACEMENT and how to apply a CHEST SEAL. The key elements of the body begin to fail with significant loss of blood and the body’s inability to inflate the lungs and pump oxygenated blood to critical areas of the body. This training significantly increases your organizations ability to have the best possible outcome in the worst possible situation



It is important that organizations not only prepare their staff to respond to a potential incident, but also collectively determine the processes through which the organization and its staff recover from an incident. Recovery is a continuous process that occurs over short and long term incremental phases. This course is the start in developing and implementing policies and procedures that position organizations to effectively recover from an active killer incident, while providing the best support structure for their employees, contractors, visitors, patrons, family members, and the community at large. 


This program covers the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA critical phases of recover to include:


1.         Short Term Recovery – Address Immediate Needs

2.         Ensuring Life Safety after the Immediate Rescue

3.         Coordinate Medical Assistance

4.         Set Up Crisis Communications Media Response

5.         Provide Immediate Crisis Support

6.         Assist the Family reunification Process

7.         Long Term Recovery – Restoration

8.         Reopening the Facility and Resuming Operations

9.         Anniversaries and Memorials

10.       Post Incident Scams and Fraud

11.       Civil and Criminal Judicial Process



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