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Product Review

Defensor Incorporated does not endorse any particular product in order to maintain the integrity and purpose of our training belief. We believe no one product is the solution to your needs but rather a layered approach. A combination of Situational Awareness, proper training and education, various products dependent upon your unique situation, and having a […]

Can You Defend Yourself?

Terrorism. Lone wolf attacks. Heroin. Home invasions. A veritable explosion in violent crime. Never before have we seen deadly threats to the average U.S. citizen rise at such a precipitous rate. At Defensor, Inc., we are often asked by the public about gun ownership. Here’s some of the questions/comments we routinely receive: How will I […]

The San Bernardino Terrorist Attack – What’s Next?

Terrorism – the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimindation or coercion or instilling fear Synonyms: act of terrorism, terrorist act Terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually […]

The Cowardly Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Our thoughts and prayers are with and will remain with the victims, families, and wounded survivors of the cowardly Islamic extremist terror attacks in Paris. And truthfully, cowardly is simply insufficient to describe random attacks against the unarmed, innocent civilians going about their lives. It is in every sense a perfect definition for evil. And […]

Social Media and Your Family’s Security

The first course we developed at Defensor, Inc., is Home Defense Training which is focused on measures to take to avoid ever becoming a victim in the first place. The more we teach this class, the more apparent it becomes that people expose themselves to risk through social media, and they weren’t aware of it […]

Defending Yourself and Your Family

Opening your home page, picking up a newspaper, or turning on any news network can leave you with a sense of how increasingly volatile the world around us is becoming. The heroin explosion happening in western New York and elsewhere is alarming to say the least. With the spread of this truly evil drug comes […]

Defensor: Who We Are and What We Can Do For You

Who is Defensor’s staff and why are they qualified to teach people these critical skills? We are comprised of current law enforcement and elite military professionals who are passionately interested in protecting our country, and the great citizens that populate it. Simply put, we want to provide whatever services we can to ensure the good […]